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Tough Day

Posted on: April 28, 2010

Being a Mom is not an easy job, and I really am not trying to complain, but sometimes you have to get it out or you will really lose your mind.  I have awesome boys and they really are well behaved, but sometimes you are just going to have a bad day. 

For me, this is one of them.

I woke up at 7 am to my middle boy, Wesley, crying and screaming.  That is not good.  At that moment, the baby woke wanting to eat.  So I had to leave the baby for a minute because clearly Wesley was in pain.

I go up to his room, and Jack is hugging his head, and looking at me all proud.  He says “I am holding Wesley, I am helping.”  Wesley clearly was not convinced.

I then took Wesley and worked on calming him down.  Jack then says “What did Jack do to Wesley?” UMMMMM what????? So I asked him what he did, and he said “Want to go downstairs?”  Ok so he is avoiding the question, it can’t be good.

I ask Wesley what is wrong?  He says “Jack bite”.  I searched him and couldn’t find any bite marks, so I told Jack no biting, and took them downstairs.  Wesley flipped out because he wanted to take the baby toys downstairs. So I calmed him again.

I decided that making breakfast was too much for me to handle, while I was feeding the poor baby.  I told the boys to get their shoes on.  Wesley threw a tantrum.  He wanted to go, but I guess he was upset because he can’t put his shoes on himself yet.  Jack decided that he should help Wesley instead of putting on his shoes, to which Wesley got even more mad.

I put the baby in his seat, and he didn’t like that.  I then put Wesley’s shoes on him, which made him cry even more, and then Jack was upset because he wanted to help.

After much wrangling, we went and came back.

Then it was more wrangling to get them in their seats to eat the breakfast, at this point I know it’s going to be a very long day, and I am regretting going in the first place.

After eating, the boys went upstairs to play with the baby’s toys, and I just let them.  I figure what is the harm as long as they don’t bring them around the house.

I have made up a schedule that I am going to attempt to do each day; this was not a good day to start. I am not going to be too worried about if we miss some things or don’t spend the entire alloted time to each item.  The idea is to get some structure in our day: to help me get thru it, to help Jack get use to the idea that certain things happen at certain times, and Jack really loves having a schedule. 

One of the things we have managed to do was exercise time.  Well that turned into a disaster with Wesley deciding he wanted to play on the balance board by jumping up and down (which is a no-no), and Jack falling on his bum and freaking out. At that point I figured we would turn off the wii fit, and eat some lunch and go to bed.  Jack had a major meltdown at that point.

He has now went to bed with no lunch, and that was after trying to feed him and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  I don’t think he slept well.  After I put him in bed he cried and cried for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep.

Wesley ate a good lunch and then I tried to put him in our bed for a rest as I had to put Jack in their room.  Normally it is the other way around.  He however is not going to sleep and keeps coming out.  Now on top of that the baby is up.

Mommy is staying as calm as possible, but is really starting to take a lot of deep breaths and count down to 4:00 when Daddy comes home.

Do you have any coping mechanisms that help you on days like this?  Other than drinking heavily or running away from home of course.  Those are some dreams I have LOL!


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