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Posted on: May 4, 2010

There was a time in my life, before kids, that I had a boring life.  I remember thinking I wished I had a more interesting life….silly me!  I wouldn’t change a thing about my crazy life now, but there are times I wish I had cherished those times a little more. 

I thought that I would take a few minutes to give you a little insight as to my life, plans, and goals.

Right now, my oldest son, Jack, is going through speech therapy.  We have that every Monday morning at 8:30 am for 1 hour.  He is in a group with 2 other boys.  We go over different concepts that are supposed to help in his speech, and there are games that go along with it.  We usually have some project to bring home to work on.  I find it hard to get time to do the homework she sends home, but we always work on the concepts and play some games.  Our therapist has already noticed marked improvements, and this was our 3rd week!  YAY!  Jack seems to need visual clues on how to speak, or you to tell him how to say something.  But once he has it, he will use it regularly.

What I have just instituteda flexible schedule in the last week, so that I might more easily accomplish some tasks with the boys, and to have the days more interesting for them.  Plus I am hoping it will help me have more time for cleaning and my own crafts.  Basically it is 1/2 hour increments, of things that may take less than that to do.  If we miss a certain item, or go over on another item, I am not going to worry about it.  It is just to have a guideline so the days don’t slip away from us, and the boys will have fun, and help in their development.

I am trying to keep up on my blogging, but with 2 busy boys, a brand new baby, and a craft business I am trying to get off the ground sometimes things lag behind. 

With my craft business, I am trying to work on baby blankets right now.  Ones for babies, and even “fur babies”.  I have an etsy shop, but my Sis-in-law and I have a shared fan page on Facebook called Choice Crafts that we would love for you to join to keep up with us.  Currently the etsy shop is empty because I changed my focus, and am changing up the shop a bit.

I was given some items from BabyAppleseed to try out.  I will write more on that in the near future.  Check out her page on face book, or her etsy shop:  I love trying out new items and products.  So if you have anything you would like to have a review on, please contact me.

I am having a hard time keeping up with laundry now that we have an extra person.  I have 3-4 loads a day to do right now, and with everything else it seems overwhelming some days.  Also I am not sure how families manage to have dinner on the table each night, but I have to figure it out, as even my 2 year old knows what McDonald’s are, and he knows what the Swiss Chalet delivery driver looks like.  When he see the driver, he yells “Chalet!  Get in your seat!”, and runs and gets into his booster seat!  That’s probably not good.

My 2 year old wants to be potty trained, he is always asking to sit on the potty, and he has even ran in sat down and peed in his pull up.  That is telling Mommy she needs to get moving on this.

So my current goals are:
– have 5 items posted for sale by the end of the month
– get some routines working to keep up on dinner nightly, laundry, and Jack’s homework
– potty train Wesley
– get steps back up to 10,000 steps consistently on pedometer – it has went down during the pregnancy and postpartum

So these are my current goals.  Once I get some of them accomplished I will add more.  What are your current goals?


2 Responses to "My Crazy Life"

Hey you – you truly are a ‘rockstar’ and I use to think that Jon had magic powers – but girlfriend – you have them all 😀 Hey a tip for supper – CROCKPOT – it has been my life saver many times – google crockpot receipes and you’ll be amazed at all kinds of things you can do. I love your etsy shop idea – perfect! AND I love how your little man yells out “Chalet – in your seats” that is classic.

Keep going you are doing a great job!

Thanks Shell! My powers don’t work with getting the boys to obey me. Jon is really picky about dinner, but maybe we can find some crockpot recipes that work for him.
As for the etsy shop, I figure I love to knit, and this way maybe I could make some extra $.

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