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WARNING: We have “The Pox”

Posted on: May 6, 2010

When I was a baby my older sister got chicken pox, and I had 2-3 dots. All through my childhood & teenage years I never got them even though I babysat kids that had them. We never knew if I was immune or not.

When we wanted to try to have kids my doctor did some blood work to find out if I was immune, it came back indeterminate. So I opted to pay for the shot, as I didn’t want to risk getting it while pregnant or when my kids eventually got it.

They since brought it in for the kids and it is part of their shot regimine, and both my older boys have gotten the shot.

When I found out it was going through our Mommy and Me group, I wasn’t worried about them just my youngest who hasn’t had the shot. What I was not aware of is that you can still get the chicken pox if you have had the shot.

When Jack started breaking out in this rash on his neck. I made note of it, but wasn’t too worried. After all, both my husband and I have broken out in rashes, and hives from allergies. My husband is allergic to grass, and my 2 boys have been playing out in the yard and throwing grass at each other.

It was at night when he was in the bath that I discovered the 5 bumps on his neck. Well the next day it spread, but of course we had been outside again. So I wasn’t sure. But had my suspicions. That’s when my friend said that you could get it when you had the shot.

Well after a visit to the doctor, my oldest has the chicken pox. I have never so thoroughly examined, my boys bodies. I am not allowed to take Jack anywhere while he has any spots still, and if the other 2 get any we have to stay home until all spots are gone.

This Saturday we are supposed to go visit all our families for Mother’s Day weekend. I really hope we don’t have to miss it, and I don’t have chicken pox, or my boys don’t have it for Mother’s Day. Mommy won’t get to relax if this is the case.


4 Responses to "WARNING: We have “The Pox”"

Shari, hope that everyone is feeling better soon and that Mother’s Day goes off as planned for you.
I know there are different strains of the pox that go around and the shot only protects you from the most prevelant ones.

Thanks Kelly! I had no idea about the shot. I am glad Jack is having such a mild case, and that at least I don’t have to worry about him now. But I just wish his timing was better LOL

That seems to be the way things always work out… I swear one of my girls ends up getting a bruise on or near their face just before we’re scheduled to go visit someone or have photos taken!

Kady – yeah for sure! There are very few posed pics of my boys without some sort of mark on their face.

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