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Baby #4 is …..

Posted on: May 18, 2010

…not going to happen, so please stop asking.

When we had our first son, people kept asking us when we were going to “try for a girl”? Well we decided to have a 2nd baby, and it was a boy.

Pretty much the instant it was announced people would start asking when we were going to have #3 so we could have a girl. Well he is a boy too.

Now, we keep getting “When are you going to have another baby? You HAVE to have a girl”. Well the problem with that is, there are no gaurentees. Besides 3 boys under 4 is quite a handful, and although I can handle it, I don’t think I want to try my hand at 4.

I have a feeling I could have 30 boys, and they would want me to go for 31.

So, I pose a question to you, my faithful readers, what is wrong with just being happy with my 3 boys? (Don’t get me wrong I would’ve been thrilled with a girl, but wouldn’t trade 1 of my boys for one).


7 Responses to "Baby #4 is ….."

I’m not sure why people seem to think that it’s essential to have kids of both sexes. When people ask me if I know that I’m having and I say no, they instantly say how great it would be to have a boy so that we can have one of each. I don’t get it either!! Why can’t people just be happy that you have 3 healthy boys!!

Exactly! We couldn’t find out right away this time, and everyone said it was a girl b/c it was my 3rd baby, and a surprise. When it was a boy, people actually said it was too bad or they were disappointed for me. Not everyone but quite a few. I understand hoping for one or another if you are the parent, or grandparent. But to be someone other than that and said you are disappointed, or it’s too bad it’s a boy…well that was upsetting to me.

3 baby boys are 3 miracles from God! You are blessed and at the same time, have your hands full! Only you & your husband know when “enough is enough” – nobody else should get a vote! 🙂

(although it might be funny if one of the boys starts asking for a little sister!) 😀

Actually Jack wanted this one to be a girl. When we told him it was a boy, he was not impressed. LOL! Yes we are very blessed to have 3 healthy boys, and we know how fortunate we are. Enough is enough for us LOL. But we thought it was after 2 and God told us no.

Hi Shari! I have a “sweet” award for you. Stop by and pick it up 🙂


I get insulted if people ask me if I am going to have another baby so that I can have a boy. To me, it’s like they are saying my girls aren’t good enough or something.

That’s how I feel about them saying it, especially about the last 2. I got a lot of yay boy first with Jack. But it’s like b/c the other 2 are boys, people aren’t happy with that. But I couldn’t ask for a better life than having my 3 boys.

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