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In need of a maid – call Jack

Posted on: May 19, 2010

Jack, my 3 year old, is a little bit of a neat freak here at home. He always has to put his toys away when done playing downstairs. Wesley, his younger brother, will put things away wherever is closest, and Jack has to go and fix it.

The one day, he came over and looked under my microwave and said “So dirty! Need clean it?” Ok so I don’t move all my appliances and clean under them on a daily basis, back off!

He is always changing the toilet paper roll if it is empty. Before he was changing it when it was just getting low, so I nipped that in the butt. Problem now? If it is low, he empties it!  Puts the extra in the garbage (he did put it in my toilet the one day and clogged it up really badly), so now I am working on nipping thta in the butt.

Whenever we go somewhere and there is any thing out of place he starts cleaning, and changing the toilet paper rolls if they are empty!

I took him to my friend’s house and there was a letter magnet under her fridge so he reached under there to get it.  In the process he noticed crumbs under there.  GASP! She doesn’t clean under her fridge constantly?? Hee hee he was under there grabbing crumbs and putting them in her garbage!  I kind of felt bad, I mean I don’t expect her to clean under her fridge or even have to clean before we come over.  But my son cleans her house for her.  He even went into her bathroom and changed the toilet paper roll. 

So I am thinking I might just start charging people to have us over for a visit!


5 Responses to "In need of a maid – call Jack"

Boy I wish my daughter would like to put her toys away! Visiting from MBC! Stop by Mama’s Little Chick!

Mama Hen

It is great most of the time LOL! But everything has to be a certain way, all toys must be in set spot, and put a certain way e.g. the little people’s farm has to have all the toys, and they have to all fit in the silo BUT no other animals are allowed in the silo! hee hee I love my little OCD boy! He comes by it honestly!

Thanks for stopping by and I did check out your blog! Now a follower 🙂

Hey Shar…
I’m the exact same way as Jack! And I’m the mommy! It drives Katie (3.5 year old) CRAZY when I start moving all the toys to put them back in their spots and with all their accessories…haha. I doubt she will be like me, she loves a mess!
But Jack can come over anytime! 😉

Ha ha, My hubby is this way, and I have other quirks and he is picking up those too. Poor kid. I am the messier one, so I think he will start cleaning up after me soon. Most kids are like your Katie though! We go to speech therapy and Jack has to find every last piece and put it away. If it is supposed to go in a container in the box, and I just put it in the box (as we are leaving and everyone else is gone), he won’t leave until it’s fixed. The therapist is waiting on us to go! But at least she thinks it’s great, and will sit and wait (she is pregnant and enjoys the excuse to take a mini-break).

You are welcome to bring Jack over to my house ANY TIME!!! I am more than positive there are crumbs under my fridge, dust bunnies under the beds, and various other things he could clean up on my behalf. 🙂

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