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The trip that almost broke Daddy…..

Posted on: May 20, 2010

Since my husband and I have been married, we have always gone grocery shopping together if possible. There have been times when 1 has gone on their own, but generally it is a family affair.

Jack was 7 days old when we did our first grocery shopping trip together, and he even now he loves going. Wesley came along and we just added him to the cart. Both of the boys are well behaved, sit in the cart, and don’t get upset if they ask for something and don’t get it.

However, when the baby came along, the wise-lone-woman of the house said “I don’t think we should do this as a family for a while”. That would leave me out of it though because I have to nurse the baby, and I didn’t feel like all 3 kids at the grocery store would be such a good idea at this point. We have been having hubby handle the shopping and maybe take a boy along if they are good.

Well this week, we needed a ton of things, and a lot were bulky items.  So we ventured out as a family.

Jack is potty trained, and just as we get under way Justin starts, screaming (aka crying), and Jack has to go to the potty.  Jack and I come back and Wesley is crying because Jack got out of the cart, and he didn’t.  Hubby is swinging Justin’s car seat back and forth to try to stop the screaming, and we had only made it out of produce.  He looks at me and says “Should we just go home?”

Well, we worked out a plan where I would take all the bulky items, and the 2 younger boys, and home.  I paid for and dropped off the bulky items in the van, and got out the stroller.  All the while, Justin is crying, Wesley is screaming “NO GO HOME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, and people are staring at me.  Some are giving me the “oh i’ve been there!” face, and some are giving me the “what are you doing to those kids, and why don’t you get them to pipe down??” face.

As soon as we started heading home, Wesley got all excited about the nice walk, and Justin fell asleep.  They were both quiet perfect angels all the way home.

Hubby and Jack finished up the grocery shopping, and we all had a pleasant evening.

But we have decided that isn’t a good idea again for a while.  Hubby says never ever again!  He will be going shopping each week, and I will keep whatever boys he leaves behind.


2 Responses to "The trip that almost broke Daddy….."

Oh dear … sounds exhausting! I have NO idea how my mum survived with 5 kids in 6 years – especially since my dad would NEVER have gone to the grocery store back in those days! Thank God that times have changed and you have a husband who is willing to do the shopping. But how annoying that people were looking at you as if you should get your kids to pipe down. Do their children never make a peep? I doubt it!

WOW your mom must have been a saint or crazy! LOL! I love my boys, but there are days when I am not sure I will survive them. Yes, I have a wonderful hubby who helps me with everything! At our house all inside chores, and jobs, including all kid duties are 50/50 all outside duties are “men’s work” LOL. That is all him, but I am not going to argue! ha ha

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