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Counting the Minutes until you come….

Posted on: May 29, 2010

My In-laws don’t get to see my boys very much as we don’t live too close to them. They like to take them overnight for a sleepover if their work schedules permit.

A couple of weeks ago, we set up a plan where they would come get the boys Wednesday Morning, and then bring them back Thursday in time for us to go to Jack’s orientation. This way they could then watch the younger boys for us, and we could focus on Jack.

I didn’t tell the boys until Tuesday night that Nanny and Papa would be coming to get them tomorrow.

They woke up in the morning and made me pack their suitcases right away. Then they proceeded to misbehave for 3 hours, and by this point I was fed up with them. I was beginning to feel like they shouldn’t get to go, but I knew they were just over excited.

This was the point when Jack looked at me, and says “wanna go!” and I asked him where, he said that he wanted to go with Nanny and Papa. It’s still 3 hours to go, and Mommy’s patience weren’t very good anymore. When I am irritated, I tend to get sarcastic, and after 3 hours of miserable, non-listening kids I was a bit sarcastic. So I look at him and say “What do you want to do Jack, go sit by the front door for 3 hours and wait for him?”

Well….they both smiled, jumped up and down, yelled YES!! and went running to the house. I was a little dumb founded and thought now what??

So I got them 2 chairs, and put them by the front door, and they each held the handle of their suitcases and sat nicely and waited. They waited for a 1/2 hour, before I finally convinced them to go for a walk with me to get the mial. I kept telling them they weren’t in time out and it was going to be a long long wait.

Well when we got back from the mail they sat some more, they would get up and play, but it was in the foyer by the front door, never letting go of their suitcases.

They were so happy and so well behaved, but I kept waiting for Child protective services to come get them for making them sit by the front door for 3 hours!

When Papa came they were sitting on the front step eating their sndwiches waiting. They wanted to run in and get the suitcases I made them leave inside.

When Papa went to put their suitcases and car seats in the car they wanted to go too!! Wesley even started to cry.

Poor boys, they really do love their Nanny and Papa and they don’t get to see them enough.


2 Responses to "Counting the Minutes until you come…."

Oh My! Your in-laws must feel so special when they see how excited the boys get when they are going to see them! It’s actually very cute even though I can imagine it was a bit frustrating for you. 🙂

Yeah once I figured out that I just had to let them play by the door in the house, it became super cute 🙂

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