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My boys have always been earlier teethers, and it is nearly impossible to find a product that they can hold on to and chew.  Jack started teething at 2 1/2 months, and got his first tooth at 4 1/2 months.  Wesley had a tooth at 3 1/2 months, and Justin certainly doesn’t want to be out done, and has started teething in the last 2 weeks.

Also at such young ages, they don’t like anything too cold.  So finding a teething product that works for us, is an ongoing battle.

I recently received a Teething Bling necklace from SmartMom.  They offer several different products in their online store: Tween Bling in various shapes and colours with scented items coming!, Teething Bling in different shapes, and colours both solids and patterns, gift sets, coordinated bangles, even Teething Bling Keychains!  And just in case, that wasn’t enough for you, they even have gift cards, so you can let your Mommy friend pick out her own gift!

I received the Blue Camo Donut Teething Bling.  I really wasn’t sure how it would work for us, as I really haven’t had much luck until the boys are much older.  Justin isn’t really all that interested in my Mommy Necklace at this point, so wasn’t sure he would be that interested with this one either.

The Blue Camoflage Donut Shaped Pendant hangs on a silky cord with a breakaway clasp.  The pendant itself is made out a rubbery teething material, which is perfect for teething babies!

It is very light, comfortable, and fun to wear!  The only thing I wasn’t completely in love with was the length.  I felt it was a little long on me, however Justin disagrees.  Whenever I am nursing him now, or holding him  close he grabs onto it, and holds on for all he is worth.  He likes to pull on it, and old it.  It is thin, so his little fingers can grasp it, as he is only just going to be 3 months.  Also, because it is a donut shape his hands will clasp on either side, or I often find him holding it with 2 fingers on either side of the cord.  My Mommy Necklace was too high for him unless I bent over.  I am starting to really like the length because when he is holding it I am not bent over or constantly taking it off. 

The breakaway clasp is durable, but does break away if it is needed.  Justin has never broken it away, but I did get it caught under neath him once when he was sleeping and I was putting him down.  I pulled back and it came apart for me. 

Although Justin has not held it in his mouth on his own yet, I have done it for him a few times when he was biting me and I popped him off.

Amy from SmartMom has generously offered one of my readers a Green Camoflauge donut shaped pendant.

BUY IT! Head on over to SmartMom, and be a SmartMom by ordering yourself some of their awesome jewelry, even if you aren’t a nursing Mom!

WIN IT!  Win the Green Camoflauge Necklace!
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Go to SmartMom, and check out their products.  Then come back here and tell me which item is your favourite, by leaving me a comment.

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This weekend was a long weekend here in Canada.  Usually on a long weekend, my hubby has all kinds of jobs he wants to get accomplished, and we do our best to let him get them done.  I don’t know if this one he didn’t have plans, or he just didn’t bother to mention them as it has been a long few weeks around here!   He did get some things done, but we spent a lot of time hanging 0ut as a family.

It was so nice to sit on our deck with the boys playing in the yard, the baby either gooing, or sleeping, and chatting with DH who was laying on our swing, while I was doing some knitting.  It was almost like one of those cheesy hallmark movies. 

After Dinner on Sunday and Monday we went for a family walk around the sub-division, and ate some ice cream.  Monday night the boys got ice cream from the ice cream truck, which they thoroughly enjoyed, but is probably not going to be pleasant for me now since they know what that truck is!  They usually just get excited that the truck comes by playing music.

Here is a pic of them eating their ice cream.

Wesley doesn’t like the ice cream so much as it is too cold.  He will take a lick here and there, so hubby kept giving him empty cones to finish eating.  This next pic I think is so cute and so funny all at the same time.  The look on his face as he looks at the empty cone seems to say “HEY! What the heck…where is my ice cream?”  But really hubby just caught him eyeing it for his next bite.

So a pleasant weekend, is setting a good tone for what should be a fun week.

Today, I received a hair clip I won in a give away from Jenni’s Bowtique on facebook.  Although I have 3 boys, I have tons of friends who have girls, so I am going to surprise one of them with it on Thursday!

Wednesday, my in-laws are picking up the older boys to take them back to their place for a sleepover.  They live about 1 1/2 hours from us, so we don’t get to see them nearly as often as we would like.  I am one of the blessed ones who loves their in-laws.  The boys go over and get thoroughly spoiled.  I stay here and enjoy the break, but miss my boys terribly while they are gone.  I think it’s because we are together pretty much 24/7 so when they aren’t here it is quiet and lonely.

Thursday, I will go to my Mommy and Me group with just Justin.  Which pretty much means it will be super easy on me.  Then in the evening my ILs will bring back the boys, and that night is Jack’s orientation for school.  This is a fun thing, but also something that makes me sad.  I am sure you will all hear plenty about this over the next 3-4 months.  Nanny and Papa will be watching the 2 younger ones, so Jack can go with just Mommy and Daddy.  This will be exciting for him, and me.  It will be the first time since Justin was born that I have left him at all, that is if I have any milk for him!

Friday, my friend is coming over with her baby girl, I can’t wait to meet her.  I have been meaning to go over there, but we had chicken pox in the house, and it is also hard getting over there when I have 3 boys.  She wants to get out of the house, and I think also realizes if she ever wants to see me, coming to my house is probably the best idea.

Some time this week, I will hopefully be getting my new iphone!  Which I am way too excited about.  Also, some of the items that I will be doing as reviews and give aways should be coming this week, and I can’t wait to try them out.  Also I can’t wait to be able to post them as giveaways so you can try them.  All of the items are so fun, exciting, and funky! 

Ok well this is enough rambling for now.  I have some cleaning and knitting to do while the boys are napping and hubby is on his way home!

So I have secured a very exciting giveaway! I can’t wait for you to find out about it…and I can’t wait to try it out.

I have entered my boys into a contest on facebook and I am hoping all of you will go to: is asking you to go to: Fan photos and please “like” Justin’s and Wesley’s pictures.


Take a Mom’s For It is having a giveaway for $15 credit for Jennie Bowtique’s store. 

Jennie’s Bowtique has beautiful hair clips and handbands for little girls of all ages.  It makes a great gift, or something cute for your own daughter!


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